What Is Decra Roofing? What Determines The Prices Of The Decra Roofing Tiles In Kenya?

Decra roofing has its roots in the United Kingdom’s usage of a bitumen mixture as an outer layer in the 1940s. The first metal tile with a bitumen covering, called “Decramastic,” was created by Lou Fisher in 1957. The coating was then covered with crushed stone chips to keep the plates from adhering to one another. The tile has through many changes to become what it is nowadays.

Any residential or commercial facility can benefit from the aesthetic and security of Decra’s classic roof tile. The conventional profile of each tile is complemented with the elegance of a natural stone chip finish. Every tile is formed from premium grade Alu-Zinc steel, providing it with tremendous strength.

You could logically believe that purchasing the panels for your roof is absurdly expensive, given the science and attention that goes into making Decra steel. However, steel roofs with a stone coating, though, are inexpensive.

What Determines the Prices of the Decra Roofing Tiles?


The steel that makes up the core of Decra roofing tiles offers them exceptional strength and longevity and allows them to endure heavy impact. The chips that stone coat the tiles provide chip adhesion and color for excellent quality panels. Even when exposed to the elements, the stone pieces do not dissolve away.

Decra stone coated tiles work remarkably well, lasting you through over five decades with minimal to no maintenance, in contrast to other roofing solutions that demand you to plan routine maintenance. Most customers need a roof that they can install once and then forget about, and these certain tiles provide just that. The durability has an impact on the Decra roofing tiles prices in Kenya.

Fire resistance

Catastrophes can, regrettably, occur despite fire resistance. The best thing that one can do is be ready for a disaster if it happens.

Decra stone-coated roofing tiles are fire resistant and do not propagate fire, protecting your home from damage caused by hot embers falling from nearby flames. If one decides to safeguard your asset, possessing a fire-resistant roof can further reduce your premiums.

Enhanced comfort

When it rains, stone-coated roofing tiles are silent. It can be challenging to rest beneath an iron sheet roof when it is pouring rain. Tiles covered with stone don’t generate that noise. They are also heat transfer resistant to keep a comfortable temperature within your home.


Our house is a haven. The roof’s tile pieces shield us from wind and rain. The suitable roofing tiles not only improve the appearance of our home but also relieve us of the worry that it would leak on a rainy day. Exquisite, elegance, toughness, and environmental conservation, stone-coated metal roofing tile has lately emerged as one of the leading goods in the world of roofing materials.

There are many stone-coated metal roofing tiles, such as Bonding Tile, Traditional Tile, Shingle Flooring, and Wood Tile. The product’s high-caliber and affordable price merit praise along with its diversity. Decra stone-coated metal roofing tiles are undoubtedly the best after comparing them to other manufacturers in several different areas.

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