What is the Happn Logo?

The Happn app is a social networking app where users can browse a timeline of people they’ve been near recently. Users are ranked by the amount of time they spent around each person. To meet someone, you can “heart” someone you like. By “hearting” someone, you indicate interest and you will be matched with that person. You can also send “charms” to someone you’ve been eyeing. Charms are equivalent to push notifications and cost between ten and twenty cents each.

To make a positive impression on a new person, the Happn logo is a soft blue heart floating on white cloud. This is meant to inspire new romantic relationships. The app also works by geolocation. If you’re in Paris’s 9th circle, the app will match you with people who are also located in that part of the city. You can even change your location to meet someone new. The Happn logo is a symbol of the service’s mission to make online love possible.

Despite being a social networking site, Happn is also a app. Users can search for people they’ve crossed paths with and talk to them if their profiles match. Happn isn’t as naughty as Tinder, and people who use it for romance are able to fill out their profiles the way they would a friend. A new person can get to know someone by liking their profile or by getting a crush.

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