What Makes HealthTap Different from Other Telehealth Services?

Whether you’re looking to save money or you’re a busy mom who just can’t fit in an appointment, telehealth services like HealthTap can help. By using AI powered chatbots and volunteer doctors, you’ll have access to a medical professional on demand at any time.

Primary care facilitates managing chronic conditions

Using a service like HealthTap, you can get your hands on a plethora of medical services, including virtual checkups, prescriptions and immunizations. You can even schedule appointments with board-certified doctors. It’s a great way to get a leg up on the competition, especially if you have a busy schedule. If you’re a health-obsessed aficionado, you’ll be glad to know that the company aims to help you live your best life. Its concierge service delivers a host of high-quality services, including preventative care, behavioral health, women’s health, pediatrics and geriatrics. For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can get a handle on your health. Whether you need to manage your chronic health condition, hone your skills or just restock your medicine cabinet, HealthTap is here to help.

AI powers the chatbot

Powered by AI, the HealthTap chatbot can now answer questions and provide responses from doctors. The platform also has a backend that maps health recommendations to doctors. The chatbot can also be connected to other software and APIs.

According to HealthTap’s head of product, Sean Mehra, building the bot in “short weeks” was a major feat. The company’s 100 employees have experience in linguistics, natural-language processing, product design, and scalable back-end systems.

The results of HealthTap’s study showed that the chatbot had positive effects on the participants’ health. More than half of them said that it helped them become more active, while one-third thought it was useful in improving their confidence. However, only about a third said that they would continue to use the chatbot in the future.

Doctors work with you to develop a custom treatment plan

Whether you’re just looking for advice or you want to consult with a doctor on an urgent matter, HealthTap has a team of physicians to help you. They’ll work with you to design a customized treatment plan and help you get the care you need.

HealthTap doctors are licensed to provide services in the United States. They’re also board-certified in Primary Care. They’ll perform a thorough review of your health history, lab values and risk factors to help you find the right level of care.

You can also order lab tests and see the results online. The doctor will then write a prescription and send it to your local pharmacy. They can also refer you to specialists when you need them.

You can also submit anonymous questions to a doctor. They’ll send you to a virtual consultation or refer you to an in-person appointment. They’ll also offer you treatment reminders.

Affordable telehealth services

Whether you are a patient or a provider, you will want to consider affordable telehealth services from HealthTap. This tech-forward healthcare service allows you to connect with a doctor, order lab tests, and receive prescriptions. Moreover, the service is available around the clock.

HealthTap has a wide network of board-certified physicians in 147 specialties. In addition, they offer virtual primary care. For instance, patients can receive a video consultation with a nurse practitioner for only $20.

Healthcare is expensive, but HealthTap aims to provide affordable, high-quality care to consumers. For a low monthly fee, patients can receive unlimited year-round doctor consultations. The service also accepts HSA funds, FSA funds, and a wide range of insurance plans.

The HealthTap app can be downloaded for iOS and Android. It features an automated symptom checker and a library of questions answered by doctors. The app also allows you to book appointments and message your care team.

Access to 90,000 volunteer U.S. doctors

Thousands of medical workers have volunteered to help in the fight. Tens of thousands are still waiting for assignments. However, most of them are not qualified to work in intensive care units. They are being offered lower pay than agency nurses.

Some established private agencies are bringing in health care workers to fill their quotas. Some are even offering education in medical skills.

However, this has not slowed down the state’s efforts to recruit volunteers. New York State has created a database to help connect hospitals and hospitals with volunteers. The site has a search function, and individual hospitals have their own portals to sign up volunteers.

In addition to the state’s efforts, Mayor Bill de Blasio has called for a national draft of doctors. The mayor said last week that “relatively few” volunteers have started working in hospitals.

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