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What services to expect from a certified arborist?

An arborist is a professional who maintains trees and shrubs by trimming and pruning them to protect roadways, sidewalks, and power lines. They also enhance the appearance, health, and value of shrubs and trees. Arborists work under the job titles such as tree climber, tree trimmer, or line clearance foreman.

An arborist has deep knowledge of the diseases of trees and knows how to treat them correctly. They also focus on shaping ornamental trees and beautification of decorative species.

If you are still not convinced whether an arborist can help you, keep on reading about the services they provide you.

Services provided by an Arborist 

Tree pruning and trimming: One of the most important tasks your arborist performs is pruning the limbs and branches of trees. They know the correct type of pruning required to improve the health and appearance of the trees. They know when to prune a specific kind of tree, as pruning at the wrong time may damage your tree. They trim the trees for the following reasons:

  • To expose the deeper areas to sunlight
  • Remove a weak or dead branch that may fall unexpectedly and might cause injury to the passerby
  • Cutting the diseased part of the tree
  • Removing the branches that touch the wires, roofs, chimneys, windows, etc

Tree removal: Tree removal is a task best left in the care of a certified Arborist in Toronto. Trees are enormous and can be dangerous if an inexperienced and untrained person is working with them. It’s important for arborists to have tree service insurance to protect themselves and their clients in case of any accidents or damages that may occur during their work. If a tree is to be removed, it should be carefully guided toward the ground; otherwise, it can damage your property. Once the tree is cut down, your arborist removes it from your property.

Stump removal is another challenging job that an arborist completes with the help of a specialized piece of equipment.

An arborist recommends the removal of a tree in the following cases:

  • To get rid of a dead or damaged tree
  • If there are chances of damage to the building
  • Overgrown branches or leaning trees may fall and cause damage to property or people. If pruning does not help, it is removed.
  • There is a risk of other trees getting infected by the diseased tree.

Planting new trees: These professionals also recommend specific species of tree that can grow in a particular area and climate condition and provide comprehensive guidance on tree planting. With the best advice, you can have a beautiful garden with suitable trees planted at the correct location to ensure the availability of sunlight, air, water, and nutrients.

Arborists are experts in maintaining plants and trees in their best health and are a guide for adequately planting trees and taking care of them. Planting more trees helps reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen in the air. To get the several benefits a tree offers, you need to take proper of the tree, which an arborist can provide. Make sure you hire a certified arborist Toronto rather than doing it yourself. They have the right knowledge and all the special tools and equipment for completing the task.

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