What Should You Do If a Car Accident Occurs on your Property?

Car accidents are a natural occurrence, especially during certain seasons when the roads are slippery. It’s common enough that people see it on the news and they naturally know what to do if they witness it. They need to call the police and the hospital for emergencies. They also have to check for survivors without taking any big actions that can further endanger the victims.

However, when an accident happens on your private property, what do you do? The causes are clear, but not enough of those are reported for people to innately know what to do. As the owner, do you have to call the police and ambulance immediately? When should you start calling your car accident lawyer and who should you sue? Are you even aware that car accident lawyers are a thing?

Hence, in this article, we’ll be discussing what needs to be done in case a car accident happens on your property. We will also answer the questions stated above and talk about the different causes of such occurrences.

Should You Call the Police When it Happens?

Even if the accident happened on private property, you should still contact the authorities. You may find that some of them aren’t that eager to take part in writing a report about the accident. That’s because accidents that happen on private property aren’t part of their jurisdiction to issue citations. 

However, they can document the scene and give a police report about it. At that point, you should also start considering contacting a car accident lawyer to help with the process. They can professionally guide you through the whole ordeal as they should know what to do. For example, insurance companies are hesitant to pay on a claim even if it does happen on your property. The car accident lawyers know for sure that you need a police report to get that insurance.

If you were the one who crashed, you must contact the property owner immediately and alert them. If the location has security assigned to patrol it, we suggest flagging them down and asking them to write the report. Don’t forget to also ask them to send you a copy that you can share with your insurance provider. And in case the property owner decides to sue you, a car accident lawyer can help enlighten your options.

What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do?

A car accident can be a painful and expensive experience for all parties involved. It doesn’t vary much, however, whether it happens on public roads or private land. The victims and their families need professional and sound legal advice in decision-making. This will ensure their rights to compensation are protected, like secure payment for their losses. 

Every case is different but a car accident lawyer can investigate how the accident happened on private land. This includes any special rules of conduct that could have been applied. The lawyer can also point out the ways the property owner should have done to avoid these accidents.

The Car Accident Attorney is also capable of evaluating whether insurance coverage is available to pay for victims’ damages. They also explain what options you have and answer all your questions about who owes what. If necessary, car accident lawyers can prepare and file lawsuits and insurance claims. As any lawyer, they can also go to trial and prove a car accident claim to the judge and jury.

However, please keep in mind that lawyers can’t guarantee the financial outcome of the accident claim. The good part is you’ll have a stronger chance of securing fair compensation against the property owner. 

How Does a Car Accident Settlement Work?

The process starts with filing a personal injury claim on who is legally liable for damages and loss. Those damages can be medical expenses, vehicle repair, mental anguish, and more. The driver who is responsible will have their auto insurance pay for the damages. Hence, you’ll need to file a personal injury claim with the insurance company as soon as possible.

The next step is to have the at-fault driver’s insurance company start investigating the accident. This is something to be wary of because they’re known for pushing boundaries when investigating a claim. They don’t want to pay out a lot so they might violate your rights in the process.

With that said, avoid giving any statement or signing anything until you’ve spoken to your car accident lawyer. You and your lawyer will also need to do an investigation of the accident when building your case. Get ready to take pictures of the accident scene and your injuries and get a copy of the police report. You’ll also need to see a doctor for your injuries and get the names of the accident’s witnesses. Finally, don’t forget to keep track of all the expenses in the process.

Once the investigations are over, the insurance company will either approve or deny your claim. If they deny your claim, they’ll typically say that your accident isn’t covered by their policy. They might also say that there were errors in the claim. If that happens, ask for an explanation about why it was denied and contact your car accident lawyer immediately. If your claim was approved, don’t be fooled into thinking they’ll agree to fair compensation. It only means that they agree your damages are indeed covered by their policy.

Hence, the next step is to seek a fair settlement because they’ll likely send you one that’s low. You have a legal right to negotiate to a fair settlement based on the costs of your damages and injuries. This is where a car accident lawyer will truly shine so you can fight for fair compensation.


Everyone can see how common car accidents are on the news, usually on public roads. That’s why most people are aware that they should call the police and an ambulance when it happens. They can also check if any of the victims are conscious or in critical condition. However, it’s not every day a car accident occurs on private property so not everyone is aware of what to do.

There isn’t much difference in what must be done whether the accident happens on public or private property. You still need to call the police and ambulance if an accident occurs on private property. But if you’re unsure of the entire process as someone directly involved, a car accident lawyer will professionally guide you.

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