What to do when your key breaks in the lock

At some point in our lives we have been affected by a cheap copy of our keys or a very old original one that simply breaks inside the lock, it’s normal, it happens to all of us sometime in life and if you are here, we imagine it’s your first time having a broken key. Congratulations, you are officially an adult! But there’s a small and important detail, now what do we do with the key? 

Since we’re here to help, we’re going to give you a few options that might help you solve your problem. Let’s get started! 

Ways to remove the broken key

Calling a professional

We know you want a miracle solution that has nothing to do with spending money, but think about it for a moment, isn’t it better to invest in a professional who will do the job quickly, rather than spending things and time trying to get the key out and even make the problem worse which will make the locksmith service a bit more expensive? Plus, you’re still probably going to need to make a copy of your keys, so you can get the service done thoroughly and professionally if you seek real help. 

Oil and pliers

With any kind of oil and fine-tipped pliers, plus a lot of time and patience, you can try to get the broken key out as long as it’s slightly outward facing and allows you to grasp it with the tip of the pliers. First, you will need to oil the lock and wait about 15 minutes. Then, proceed to remove the key with the pliers. Be very careful, because you may sink it deeper if you press too hard. 

In case you find it impossible to take it at the first attempt, it is best to leave it like that and try to call a professional before you can make a bigger problem that will require more services. 


In case you have a very generous neighbor who can help you with your key problem and can give you a magnet, you can try to get the broken key out of the lock with it. But it has to be really powerful for it to work.

First, we will again need to lubricate the lock on the inside to dislodge the key, and then very carefully place the metal attracting part in the direction of the lock. If you get the wrong side you could push the key further away and make the process more difficult. 

With a little patience, this may be effective and you may be able to get the key out. 


With glue we can also try to get the broken key out. Again you have to lubricate the place of the key, and then you put glue suitable for metals on the head of the split key and on another object that is able to pull it. Put the two together, wait for it to dry for about five minutes and then pull until you get the whole piece out. 

After this you have to remove all traces of grease and glue that may remain inside the lock. That also risks its functionality in the long term, not like hiring a specialist

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