What You Must Know About a Themed Funeral?

Many people opt for a themed funeral in order to celebrate the achievements or passion of the deceased individual. Themed funerals also give a more personalized feeling. When planning a themed funeral, you have access to a wide variety of options. Whether you are planning for a conventional or a non-conventional funeral, adding a theme helps in making it a very memorable one.

Decor, flowers, music, clothing, food, and tributes, all can be incorporated into the theme. Themed funerals can give an opportunity for the guests to involve. Adding the items which the deceased like or wearing the clothing which they like, can make a themed funeral a memorable one in everybody’s life. It helps in remembering the deceased one at the themed funeral. It is quite easy to incorporate a theme into a funeral.

Buying Caskets

Some funerals with themes only emphasize color. You may have seen an obituary advising mourners to dress in purple or to stay away from black in favor of vibrant hues. It is a straightforward but heartfelt approach to honor someone’s bright spirit or favorite color. When it comes to a themed funeral, even the casket plays a crucial role. In fact, the kind of casket you choose will have a great effect on the themed funeral, since caskets are usually the focal attention point of every funeral service.

Select a casket that honors the person because it will be the last resting place for your loved one. Before selecting a casket, check the options available first. There are several options available for individuals looking for caskets, including metal and hardwood caskets. No doubt, you will get surprised looking at the options available online. Choose a casket that is more suitable for your loved one. Wondering about the casket prices?

There are some sellers online, like for example Los Angeles-based casket company Trusted Caskets, who have a huge variety of caskets at reasonable prices and deliver them everywhere within the US. You really don’t have to worry about your budget. There are caskets available that fit every budget. Type ‘caskets for sale’ in the search option online and you will see the results. Look at the reviews and place the order. Don’t have time to see the reviews online? Check Trusted Caskets. They offer personalized caskets, metal caskets, and wooden caskets, giving you the option to choose the one according to your loved one’s personality and funeral theme.

An open casket would be ideal for the funeral if you want to show the body of the deceased to the attendees. On the other hand, the closed ones are meant for funerals, where you don’t want to show the body to the attendees.

Sports Theme

If a loved one is a fan of sports, and if they had a favorite team, you can ask the attendees to wear team colors. The logo of their favorite team can be added to the floral arrangements at the funeral. It can also be added to the table centerpiece. If you have pictures of the deceased wearing team gear or playing their favorite sport, add them to the memory board there. All of this can make the friends and family members of the deceased remember the good times they spent with him or her.

Whether you want or don’t want to show body in casket, you can find so many options online!

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