Who is Can Ata Kıraç?

Can Kıraç was born in 1927 in Ankara Etimesgut. The reason he was born here was because his father, Ali Numan Kıraç, was working as an agricultural engineer from Etimesgut at that time. His father, who worked under the command of Gazi Mustafa Kemal on the Gazi farm, later continued his duties here after Cana Kıraç was born. Can crush’s name Can and surname Kıraç were given to them by Gazi Mustafa Kemal. Mustafa Kemal Pasha gave them the surname Kıraç, especially because of the fruitful studies and achievements of his father Ali Numan Kıraç in the field of dry agriculture, agricultural studies.

Can Ata Kıraç has grown up with the soil since childhood and preferred the agricultural engineering profession because he loves the natural life. he graduated from Galatasaray High School in 1946. he graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture in 1950. After graduating from the faculty, he started as an apprentice of Bernar Nahum in the automotive department of Koç ticaret company.

as a member of the board of directors of the Izmir Chamber of commerce in the 1960s, he advocated a planned mixed economy. in the 1970s, he worked as a lawyer for the assembly industry in the press. in the 1980s, Cana Kıraç, known as the can of Koç Holding, successfully continued his managerial activities for many years.

in 1991, he voluntarily ended his 41-year management activities. During these years, he took a step away from his simple and modest life by rejecting the offer of taking up politics that he received from Süleyman Demirel. Can Kıraç, who has been a very successful manager in his 41-year Koç holding career, is a very successful businessman who has made a name for himself in this field.

Despite all these achievements, Can Kıraç, who came to the fore with his modest identity and known for his simple life, later made the transition to a retired life. Can Ata Kıraç, who continues her life in the same way as efficiently in these processes, is also known with her author identity. Can Kıraç, who has also come to the fore with his books, has lived a modest and high-quality life both in his business life and in his social life, as well as in his family life.

Cana Ata Kıraç, who lost her husband Inci Kıraç in 2019, continues her life with her grandchildren’s children and son-in-law. Especially because he is known for being hardworking, after can Kıraç retired, many of my close friends wondered how his retirement life was going. But Can Kıraç has also become an example with his humble personality by talking about the fact that he leads a peaceful and calm life in his retired life and loves this life. Despite being a manager for many years, Cana Kıraç, who has always defended his simple life, has also approached his family with the same attitude. That is why his marriage, his relationship with his grandchildren, his relationship with his children, and his family life also continue peacefully. Cana Ata Kıraç, who is the father of two children, continues to improve himself all the time in his retired life and to continue his selfless life.

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