Why Avoid Planting Trees and Plants Near Your Sewer Line

Can trees damage the sewer line?

Trees boost your home’s curb appeal and value. fruit trees also improve air quality, cools the environment, and prevent rainwater runoff. However, trees with humongous root systems may destroy your sewer line if you plant them close to the sewer line. The roots may wrap, clog, or choke the entire sewer line.

Nurturing luscious trees may take years. But these years can turn into constant sewer repairs if you plant your trees haphazardly. Let’s look at why you should avoid planting trees near the sewer lines.

What Happens When You Plant Trees Near the Sewer Lines

Plants rely on their roots for water, air, and nutrients. The roots will spread as trees mature to give plants more food, water, and nutrients. They also broaden to support the trees. Therefore, as trees grow, their roots become widespread. Some trees develop extensive root systems as they grow taller. There will always be a broad network of roots underneath the soil each time you see a luscious green tree.

Therefore, planting trees near a sewer line may cause costly sewer repairs. The trees may invade the sewers as they seek water, air, nutrients, and anchorage. Besides, roots naturally have a high affinity for water. They may wrap around sewer pipes, break pipes, or cause a sewer blockage.

Once a root invades the sewer line, the growth will continually weaken or obstruct sewage flow. The invasion may also cause cracks or a collapse in an extreme situation.

Signs of Root Sewer Damage

Everything will happen underneath the ground. Therefore, the damage may go unnoticed. Look out for these signs when suspecting root damage or invasion.

  • A foul smell. You’ll notice this in the toilet or sink. The roots often cause a blockage. If it surges, the smell worsens.
  • Slow draining. It affects the sinks and showers.
  • Sinkholes around your yard. Once the roots invade the sewer line, it causes cracks in your piping, causing the water to leak into the soil. Sinkholes result from constant leaks which will loosen the soil.
  • Gurgles in your drainage. The gurgles mean the water is struggling to go through an obstacle. The obstacle could be a root.
  • A decrease in water pressure. It may occur suddenly or gradually.

How To Remove Roots from the Sewer Line

You can use salts to remove invasive roots in your sewer lines. Most people use copper sulfate or rock salt to kill roots invading the sewer lines. The salts may work for smaller trees. You’ll need a permanent solution to save your pipes.

Root invasion is a problem that needs professional interventions. Sewer specialists have tools that will help keep the roots out of your sewers. Therefore, consider approaching a sewer line repair company in Austin, Texas, or whichever place is near you. The sewer company will assess the damage, repair them, and help you find a permanent solution to the root invasion problem.

How Far Can You Plant a Trees From a Pipeline

It’s safe to plant trees at least 10 to 30 feet away from the sewer line. The distance will change depending on the type of tree. Consider planting sewer-safe trees to avoid costly sewer repairs and plumbing work. Trees like cherry, holly shrubs, Japanese maple, and dogwood are great for the yard. They are not aggressive. Hence, a safe choice for your sewer. Also, water them to avoid nurturing wandering roots.

Avoid fast-growing and aggressive rooted trees like sweet gum, oak, willow, and sycamore. They become massive when they mature. Their massiveness also means they have wide roots. Also, consider switching trees or cutting trees every eight to ten years to prevent them from being a sewer menace. The replacement will block them from accessing your sewer lines and pipes.

It’s always good to contact sewer companies or landscaping professionals before digging and planting a tree in your yard. They will help avoid future repair costs.

Final Thoughts

Trees are beautiful but can cause massive damage if planted without any plan. You’ll need to consider your sewer structure, yard size, and tree type before digging and planting a tree in the yard. Always plant your trees away from pipework, deeply water your plants, and keep replacing your trees to avoid pipe-related damage in your home.

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