Why Dynamic QR Codes Are Popular?

Unlike Static, Dynamic QR codes are advanced and flexible type. They are trackable and editable and are compatible with different software. It is a new-generation marketing tool designed to target consumers yet keep things engaging and fun.

QR-Kode.No offers a user-friendly dynamic QR code generator. It has an array of advanced features that allow updating and embedding information anytime in the QR code. Users can keep track of the QR code campaign’s overall performance.

Why dynamic QR codes are popular?

Dynamic QR codes were used commonly in product inventory & management as well as marketing. With Covid-19, dynamic QR codes got employed in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The health offices include Q code for medicine inventory, contact tracing, and several health-related tasks. The advanced dynamic QR code technology has made it possible to use it in different sectors.

Dynamic QR codes are proven to be an efficient marketing tool because of their rich features like editing landing pages, monitoring user data, turning on & off anytime, etc.

Adds value to your business

  • Update every QR code and redirect them to other content across the marketing duration. For example, lead your target to video content about product information today and a few weeks later update the dynamic QR code and direct them to a video with product reviews from real users.
  • For seasonal promotion create a QR code greeting card. You can reuse the same QR code, edit, embed and deploy it in the market.

You need to plan QR code marketing strategically. They will certainly offer an extra push to your promotion that adds value to your business.

Keep track of QR code scans

Dynamic QR codes allow keeping track of the scans and overall performance of your QR code marketing efforts. You get to view the ROI and collect crucial data that can help in future marketing.

Allows integrating & configuring 

  • Integrate with Google Analytics to see scan numbers and user behavior on a single dashboard.
  • Pair with Google Tag Manager to easily retarget the scanners to enhance conversions.
  • Activate the scan notification feature to get an email alert when a user scans your QR code. Set scan report frequency that includes scan numbers, date, and campaign code information.
  • Activate and set a password suitable for exclusive content.
  • For limited-time offers for products, you can use the QR code as an expiration tool. Set the expiration date for discounted items.
  • Zapier integration allows business workflow automation in Zapier
  • HubSpot integration is great for marketing automation.
  • Canva integration allows the creation of Canva designs interactive with dynamic QR codes.

Effective QR Code marketing tips

  • Personalize QR codes with colors and brand elements. Make the QR code visually stimulating for scanners.
  • Never forget to add CTA in the dynamic QR code because it increases scans to 80%.
  • Ensure the QR code size is ideal for its marketing material. It ensures to grab viewers’ attention right away.
  • QR code placement also matters. Never print on uneven surfaces making it unscannable. If printed in the center can increase scanning rates quickly.

QR codes have advanced features and are available at affordable rates, which is appealing for brands and marketers.

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